Textile spinning

Danspin acquires the new generation of Serel's fiber regulators

Danspin production line

For many years now, Danspin, a company that is active in the preparation and spinning of textile fibers, has relied on Serel’s fiber feeding regulators. Today, its additional line has been equipped with the latest generation of Serel’s SLDC.


A long-standing relationship based on trust

Danspin  is a company active in the textile industry and is based in Denmark, with production facilities in Estonia and Lithuania. More specifically, it is involved in the preparation and spinning of wool and it already has multiple lines equipped with Serel’s technology. Today, Danspin is installing a new line and having been satisfied with our regulation and control systems, the company has asked us to equip it with our latest technologies.


A new generation of SLDC

Serel’s first customer was HDB (Houget Duesberg Bosson), a Belgian company that is active in the wool spinning market. Since then, Serel has developed its expertise and improved its solution for this application, which has resulted in a new generation of SLDC – the SLDC GC.


The SLDC GC is more than a mere evolution of SLDC. It is a complete overhaul of the product. Consequently, while maintaining the same functionalities, it allows us to offer new possibilities that will better meet the requests of our customers. For example, the PC touchscreen ensures that supervision is more comfortable. It also has graphics capability and helps you with data management. And that’s not all – you can discover the plethora of SLDC features here!

SLDC Danspin

Stay informed at all times!

Danspin’s woolen carding machine will be equipped with our connectivity kit. Therefore, the Danspin team will be able to monitor the production data of its lines in real time, using any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, and more) with an internet connection. All of the data will be securely stored in the cloud and it can be retrieved for future use.


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