Controlling thickness and density for laminates

Flooring thickness and density

Among SEREL’s customers are a number of companies that are active in manufacturing flooring for both residential and professional uses. Whilst material that is made of plastic extrusion is frequently seen in our everyday life, we don’t always consider how important the issue of thickness of the material is in this process.

What do laminate manufacturers need?

The manufacture of laminate floors consists of using several layers that are pressed together to create a look-alike wood flooring. Each layer has to be produced with great precision and also be perfectly uniform, which was a major concern for laminate manufacturers until now.

The SEREL solution

Our “Serel Travelling Regularity Control” (STRC) can be included in the laminate production line, specifically for the plastic extrusion part of the process. In this case, the STRC is equipped with the thickness measurement and monitoring functions.

When it comes to the production of laminates, our solution is capable of continuously measuring both density and thickness. Therefore, SEREL equipment automatically supplies the necessary information that will enable the precise regulation of the production parameters and, in turn, the production of a perfectly uniform product.

A tailor-made solution

The STRC can be configured according to customer-specific needs. For example, as the product doesn’t pass into the STRC perfectly horizontally, SEREL has configured the STRC to have a slight slope and tilted it a bit. In order to compensate the thermal expansion of the metal used in the STRC, SEREL has fixed one of the slides to the ground and the other is able to adapt its movement, if needed. In addition, our software is adjusted to the parameters that our customers must monitor. Last but not least, the famous SEREL blue color can be replaced by the customer’s preferred colors to seamlessly be integrated into their existing production line.


The adjunction of the STRC in the laminates production line leads to a reduction in terms of consumption of raw materials as both thickness and density are more precise. Moreover, the amount of time spent on the production adjustments and quality control of the products is reduced. All of this not only means higher quality, but also cost savings for the laminate manufacturers.


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