SLDC - Introduction




Intended to adjust the intake of textile fiber at the entry to the line

X-ray generator SLDC

X-ray generator

The X-ray generator produces radiation across the material

X-ray sensor - SLDC

X-ray sensor

The scintillator measures the residual radiation following absorption by the material

Electrical cabinet

Electrical cabinet

The electrical cabinet contains all of the intelligence of the SLDC



Developed by Serel at the request of manufacturers of textile lines

The SLDC GC (Serel Lap Density Control Gauge Controller) is a measurement gauge that uses X-rays in order to adjust the material at the entry point of the textile production line. This results in a considerable improvement in its quality.

Thanks to the density measurement of the material that feeds the card and which is measured by the receiver, the SLDC GC can modulate the speed of the motors at the entry to the card and as a consequence increase the regularity of the product while reducing fiber consumption.

Points Cl├ęs



As the transceiver is very compact, the SLDC GC can be mounted on most installations, regardless of whether these installations are either new or existing.

No radioactivity

The system uses an X-ray generator and not a radioactive source. Therefore, it is completely safe when it is switched off.