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Serel Industrie

Serel provides regulation and control equipment for the nonwoven industry

Founded in 1977, Serel (Société d’Etudes et Réalisations Electroniques) is a Belgian electronic engineering company that was created with the aim of developing a revolutionary regulation system for the textile industry.

Throughout its existence, Serel has also taken advantage of its vast resources in order to diversify into various fields. This has meant that Serel has not only manufactured its own brand of electronic circuits but has also manufactured on a subcontracting basis for customers such as Alstom, Cegelec, and many other companies. Furthermore, Serel has developed fire stations and queuing management systems for the banking sector.

Whilst it is currently focused on its core business -textiles- Serel is also able to offer its design, industrialization and manufacturing expertise for all types of electronic solutions based on the specific requests of its customers.

Following its recent integration into the CE + T group, Serel now benefits from the strength of being part of a large group while simultaneously retaining the flexibility of an SME.


Our products


Serel provides two types of products that are based on X-ray technology

The Serel Lap Density Control (SLDC), which was previously better known as “Servolap”, uses a density measurement for the regulation of textile web production. Meanwhile, the Serel Traveling Regularity Control (STRC) provides quality control of the web finished textile on a continuous basis.

Our team


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General Management

  • Sébastien Michel Managing director

Sales department

  • Eric Geelen Sales manager
  • Jonathan Demortier Customer support manager
  • Mounir Amellal After Sales Service

Design office

  • Hugues Libotte R&D manager
  • Arnaud Endres Project Manager
  • Olivier Selicki Project Manager
  • Pierre Specht Electrical design


  • Guillaume Lucassen Production manager
  • Fatima Cherigui Stock & shipments
  • Véronique Pellens Production worker
  • Angelo Scarna Production worker
  • Jessica Boyne Production worker
  • Mariangela Scarna Production worker
  • Carmen Arincon Torres Production worker


  • Angélique Scarna Admin. & Finance
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