STRC - Introduction




In-line and continuous measurement of your textile cloth.

Monitoring console

Monitoring console

The monitoring console enables the display and recording of curves as well as access to all system functions.


Travelling bridge

The STRC bridge is available in widths up to 7 m of product in steps of 25 cm.



Checking the quality of textile products at line output

The STRC (Serel Travelling Regularity Control) has been designed to continuously measure the transverse and longitudinal regularity of a textile (or other) product. It enables the checking of fine and light cloths as well as dense and thick products.
The X-ray generator is chosen for this particular application in order to ensure optimal levels of accuracy.

Points Cl├ęs


No radioactivity

The system uses an X-ray generator and not a radioactive source. Therefore, it is totally safe when it is switched off.

Compton scattering

By combining the measurements of absorption and Compton scattering, the STRC makes it possible to measure highly heterogeneous blends of fibers such as glass and PP fibers. Indeed, this method is sensitive to both light and heavy materials in a blend.