Upgrade to Servolap

For nearly 30 years, Serel has maintained and ensured the constant monitoring of Servolap – our flagship product.

Throughout these many years, this has enabled us to continuously supply our customers with spare parts and to ensure the maintenance of material through to the end of its life.

For more than 5 years, Serel has migrated to the replacement product, the SLDC GC. This product, which is technologically more advanced, performs the same functions as older models but also offers a greater range of possibilities.

Following these 5 years of transitions, as well as the obvious problems of obsolescence and lack of availability of the electronic components on the electronic boards of the old Servolaps, Serel is unfortunately no longer able to track and supply spare parts for these older SLDC models.

Therefore, in order to anticipate problems relating to a failure of this aging hardware, we strongly advise our customers to migrate to our new SLDC GC. This will avoid major problems or even production losses in cases of systems failure.

SLDC-GC is more than a mere evolution of SLDC; it is a complete overhaul of the product. Consequently, while retaining the same functionalities, it makes it possible to offer new possibilities that better meet the requests of the customers (for example, optional digital connection to the PLCs of the customer via profibus, profinet, etc.).

The user interface has not been forgotten as it now benefits from a control panel with a color screen (LCD Control Panel) that can be removed from the cabinet.

A supervision option is also available with this new generation of cabinet that benefits from a 15 inch touchscreen which is coupled to the Supervision Serel program.