Renewal of identity

The management of Serel is pleased to announce the “Serel 2.0” concept.

Recently integrated into the CE+T group, Serel now benefits from the strength of being part of a major group while simultaneously retaining our SME flexibility. Since October 2016, this group strength has been refined not only through Serel’s various operational functions but also in terms of financial and managerial stability.  This is reflected by our single goal: ensuring the satisfaction of our customers!

Among the first notable developments, Serel has a communication approach that works in line with our ambitions. The logo has been reworked and a complete graphic chart has been developed in order to optimally reflect the degree of innovation with which Serel products are developed. Meanwhile, the website has been completely redesigned to ensure a better user experience.

In anticipation of longer-lasting reforms, the entire Serel team continues to listen closely to our customers. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any information.