Meet the team – Guillaume: Supply Chain Manager

Guillaume Lucassen

Shortly after graduating, Guillaume joined the Serel team as Supply Chain Manager in early July 2020. So, who is this young Industrial and Management Engineer? Let’s find out!


What is your role at Serel?

There is quite a bit of variety to my job. I am responsible for the Supply Chain management, and I perform project management in production, as well as take care of the commissioning for customers. Therefore, I will be partially based here in Alleur and at other times working with our customers around the world.


For Guillaume, Serel is…

…a small and friendly company featuring advanced knowledge in technologies and an international presence.


Can you give us one word to describe your challenge at Serel?

Optimization. Regardless of whether it involves purchasing or production, my goal is to be able to optimize the processes by combining the knowledge acquired by Serel over the years with my knowledge as a young engineer.


What do you like to do during your free time?

I play football at a local club several times a week. I also enjoy travel, which I will now be able to do on a regular basis in this role at Serel. And I spend a lot of time with my friends and my girlfriend.


Tell us about a film that you like?

Le prénom” (which means “the name” in English) – this is a Belgian comedy that I really enjoy watching.


Can you give us an inspirational quote?

“Enjoy Life” – I think we should appreciate every single moment of our lives and the great pleasure that comes with them.


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