Meet the team - Clément: Area Sales Manager

Clément Barrière Area Sales Manager

As Eric Geelen stepped up as CEO, following Sebastien Michel’s departure (to join another venture of the group, namely CE+T Power as Global Sales Director), the slot he left behind in the Sales department has been filled by Serel’s latest recruit; Clément Barrière. We caught up with him to discuss his background, his motivations, his goals and vision for the future of Serel Industrie.


Could you tell us a bit more about your professional background and what brought you to Serel? 

CB: “I have a background in mechanical engineering. My education was technical, but it also included generalist training. After holding a position at Thales for three years, I felt the need for a change but always around technical products. This led me to an opportunity at Lasea as a Sales Engineer, a role that combined technical expertise with limited sales responsibilities. I worked closely with the Sales teams to create pricing offers for technical products, and much more which left me wanting more. I joined Serel at the beginning of April. Serel provides a more human-sized environment with an international aspect that greatly appeals to me. 

What motivated you to take on this role at Serel? 

CB: “I’ve always been drawn to the commercial aspect of any job, particularly client interaction, which was something I wanted to pursue. This role allows me to balance the technical and commercial sides. At Serel, the commercial side has taken on a larger role, making this a hybrid position that I find very appealing.” 

What are your main goals as you step into the role? 

CB: “On a personal level, I aim to get more comfortable with client interactions. I also want to develop soft skills further. Professionally, my goals include strengthening sales and enhancing our market presence by promoting new products, continuing to support our established ones while answering our clients’ needs. 

How do your previous experience influence your approach? 

CB: “My past experiences have given me a broad but clear view of a product’s lifecycle; from the development, the supply to sales. This “helicopter view” helps me understand the process comprehensively, which is invaluable as I continue to learn and grow in my new role. My technical background helps me understand the challenges and the team internally as well as our clients’ needs.” 

What do you enjoy most about this new role? 

CB: “I appreciate the hybrid nature of the position, allowing me to delve into the commercial side while maintaining a technical focus. The international aspect is particularly exciting, as it involves engaging with a global market, and travel. At Serel, being a smaller entity means we cover various time zones and respond to international demands, acting as a client representative who understands the global market intricately. 

Finally, tell us a bit more about yourself, what do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

CB: “I love spending time with my friends. I’m also renovating a house, which takes up a significant amount of my time. Additionally, I’m expecting to become a father by the end of the year, which will keep me busy! I used to play a lot of rugby, but my knees couldn’t keep up. Now, I enjoy swimming and playing padel.” 

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