Landing gears

Landing Gears - STRC

Among its many customers, Serel is pleased to have Safran Landing Systems, formerly better known as Messier-Bugatti.

Safran Landing Systems, part of the Safran group’s aeronautical equipment business, is the world leader in landing and braking functions for aircraft (landing gear, wheel and brakes, etc.). His expertise covers the entire life cycle of his products, from design and manufacturing to maintenance and repair. Safran Landing Systems is a partner of 30 aircraft manufacturers in the fields of civil, regional, business and military transport. The company provides support for 24,000 aircraft making more than 40,000 landings each day. It employs 7,000 people in Europe, North America and Asia.

During the production cycle of its carbon brakes, Safran Landing Systems uses carbon threads that will later be assembled before undergoing the various thermal and mechanical treatments that will give them the desired characteristics.

During the assembly of these carbon threads, these are controlled through an STRC equipped with a supervision function. The STRC measures in real time the density of the material from one side to the other of what will later become the textile web and triggers alarms when the thresholds defined by the operators are exceeded.

The addition of the STRC in the production line of Safran Landing Systems has led to cost reductions both in terms of the raw materials consumed and the time spent monitoring the line.

This STRC has also been configured according to the specific needs of Safran Landing Systems. Extensions and a footbridge have been added to integrate perfectly into the production line.